Sometimes women can feel anything but powerful. â€‹Many have been or continue to be in abusive or controlling relationships. Some have struggled with being a single parent. Others have faced the challenges of addiction or mental illness. Between holding down a full time job and the ongoing responsibilities and stresses of life there is little precious time left for anything else! Often women will find themselves feeling helpless, dependent and depressed. Life ends up being more about coping than living! 

The Powerful Self is a six week program for women to turn things around. It works to build self worth, emotional strength and resilience. It brings back a sense of joy and purpose to life. It helps you deal with difficult people and situations with compassion and assertiveness rather than with anger or frustration. 

This program is about more than just simple anger management or self esteem development. It's about leaning the skills necessary to make deep internal changes that will last a lifetime. Changes that allow you to become the authentic and powerful person you were meant to be!

Registration includes instruction, materials, drinks and light snacks. The program runs one night a week (two hours) for six consecutive weeks. (Participants will be notified one week in advance of any changes to the class schedule.)

Once you pay for and attend the Powerful Self seminar once, you can attend again for free as long as you would like until you feel you've mastered the skills!

Tuition: $379 plus GST

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