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Are You Too Close To Your Mate?

Listening to each other is a skill that is often neglected in relationships. Often discussing problems can feel more like trying to win a game rather than working things out. We have some advice for you to serve up a better communication game! 
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Serving Up Good Communication

Change can be scary, but change is also often necessary. In reality, it can be difficult to move from what is comfortable to what is actually good for our lives. Let us help with these steps to furthering your personal growth with the implementation of good change.  


Old Habits Die Hard

Relationships can vary as much as the weather, and with the hot summer fast upon us, it can seem like everyone is checking the temperature. What you might not think about is the temperature of your relationship -- here's how to check the temp daily and manage any kind of heat or chill life brings to you.
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Is Your Relationship Hot or Cold?


Long term relationships can feel mundane at times. With Valentine's Day around the corner, you might be feeling like the romance is just not how it was. Don't give up! We share some helpful advice and easy tips on how to regain that spark, and how to have a more romantic and loving Valentine's Day this year. 
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Back-to-School time can be stressful for your kids, but it can also be stressful on you. Trying to get your kids to cooperate can oftentimes be difficult and exhausting. But never fear; we have some tips that'll help make this year smooth sailing into September.
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Spring is the time of year that most of us think about cleaning, refreshing, and our motto is generally "out with the old and in with the new". However you may not realize that sometimes relationships can use the same sprucing up. We have some advice to help make your relationship feel as fresh as the new season. 
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Back-to-School Parenting Tips

Spring Is In the Air: Renewing Your Relationship

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