Posted March 22, 2016

Spring Is In the Air: Renew Your Relationship


Spring is in the air!  For a lot of people that means spring-cleaning, planting flowers, getting the dead lawn power raked and maybe squeezing in a little holiday to warmer climes. It’s a time of bringing in something new and fresh into life. 

Clients often tell me that they also need to bring something new and exciting into their relationships too. Relationships that have been in a rut or have gone stale and are no longer vibrant and satisfying. They want to know how to freshen things up a bit so to speak.

Here are a few things I’ve found can help.

  1. Make your relationship a priority. Relationships, like those beautiful spring flowers, need attention and time. Most people prioritize their kids or work but forget about spending time with their partner. Time to talk and connect in a more meaningful way will strengthen the bond between you.
  2. Build some memories. Having a lot of positive memories to look back on helps keep people in a more positive frame of mind. Just think back to when you first met and those first dates you had and you can almost feel your heart beat a bit faster. Even more important is to have something positive to look forward to. Perhaps dinner together on the weekend or a “stay-cation” in your own city.  Plan for a hike or a walk by the sea.  When you can look back and look ahead and see the positives it helps you to get through the everyday grind.
  3. Surprise your partner! I’m surprised every year when my bulbs start to poke through the ground in my front flowerbed. I sort of forget that they are there over the long rainy winter but I’m happy to see them each spring! When you surprise your partner it lets them know you care, that you are thinking about them and that they are important to you. Weather it’s simple like an unexpected treat you picked up on the way home from work or something bigger like tickets to a play or sporting event; a surprise can go a long way.

​​Follow these simple tips and today and bring some renewed energy, joy and love back into your relationship!

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